World Leprosy Day

World Leprosy Day is the major date in the leprosy calendar. Every year on the last Sunday in January (in some countries this is extended to cover the whole of the last week in January) the whole world has a chance to stop and consider those people who are affected by leprosy around the world.

It is an opportunity to celebrate the many stories of hope, transformation and restoration that have been achieved as The Leprosy Mission, and many other organisations, take steps towards achieving our ultimate goal of Defeating Leprosy and Transforming Lives.

It is also an opportunity to grapple with the scale of the problem that still exists around the world.

In Scotland we encourage churches across the country to hold their World Leprosy Sunday during a service that suits them any time between January and March. To help your church do so we produce a range or materials that vary year on year to meet the needs of churches who have used previous years packs and told us what they find particularly useful.

World Leprosy Sunday 2017

The focus of this year’s World Leprosy Sunday was Purulia Hospital in North East India which provides vital care to thousands of people every year. Many people travel for hours and sometimes for hundreds of miles for specialist leprosy care here.

It is a remarkable place full of dedicated, caring people who are determined to give the best support to everyone who comes through their door.

Churches across Scotland used THEIR World Leprosy Sunday, TO give the best available to care to thousands of people like Prem who need life-changing care from Purulia Hosital.

World Leprosy Sunday 2018

If you would like to be among the first to hear about World Leprosy Sunday 2018, and to have access to the resources you will need for your church to hold YOUR World Leprosy Sunday next year complete the form below and we will email you as soon as they are ready.

Did you know?

World Leprosy Day 2016 was focused on Rebuilding Nepal and we encouraged churches to remember Nepal on any Sunday between the end of January and the anniversary of the dreadful earthquake at the end of April.

Many churches downloaded our free materials and prayed and gave to help rebuild lives and communities still devastated by the earthquake.