All I Want Is To Play Football Again

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“I will hide beneath the shadow of your wings until the danger passes by.” – Psalm 57:1

Donate HereYou and I are so close to wiping out leprosy forever, but this stubborn disease is still stealing the lives of children around the world.

Like any young boy in India, Sameer just wants to play football, but leprosy has ravaged his hands and feet.

You have the end of leprosy in your hands.

Your care and compassion for children like Sameer will set them free from leprosy.

Today, please send your Easter gift to spot, treat and stop leprosy.

Sameer’s leprosy has affected his body so badly, the childhood he loves so much has become like just a shadow on the wall. He is missing out on so much. His football, his friends, his education … and if nothing is done, his whole future.

For Sameer, leprosy began as a strange numbness in small patches on his skin. It was like touching empty flesh. His precious nerves were being devoured and destroyed by the leprosy bacteria.

Sameer was shocked and frightened by what was happening to his legs and feet. Chasing the football with his friends, he started tripping over his own toes.

It happened more and more. It was embarrassing, painful, damaging … and leprosy kept weakening his legs, until he could no longer play his beloved football.

Even more tragically, his hands were being damaged by his leprosy. Because of leprosy, Sameer lost his power to even hold a pen.

Children like Sameer know that a better future depends on reading, writing and learning the skills that lead to jobs, and better jobs.

Sameer’s future has been devastated by leprosy.

Like a shadow stretching away from the setting sun, leprosy has slowly, relentlessly been stealing the hopes, dreams and joy of Sameer’s childhood.

As it says in Psalm 102:11 – “My days are like a lengthened shadow. And I wither away like grass.”

Today that means no football for Sameer, no friends, no school, no learning. Tomorrow and for his lifetime, it may mean he cannot earn a living or support a family. Just loneliness, sorrow, despair and disability.

You share God’s heart of love and compassion for children like Sameer.

You won’t walk by on the other side and leave a child in despair.

Your loving gift this Easter will help a child like Sameer to reclaim the shadow of the life that leprosy has stolen.

Please send your gift today.

By helping a child like Sameer today, you are affirming a commitment for all the children of the future. That there will be Zero Leprosy by 2035.

Jesus started the movement to defeat leprosy. You can be one of the ones who finish it! Please send your Easter donation today.

You can help to restore Sameer’s stolen strength and mobility. What has been lost to shadow you can bring back into the light.

Please give today. Your Easter gift will spot, treat and stop leprosy for children like Sameer.

Your kindness will ensure there is Zero Leprosy by 2035 – your loving gift to all children.

God bless you

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5th Mar 2022

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