Brent Morgan speaking to Annual Celebration

Celebrating Together 2018

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday to celebrate the impact that you made in the lives of people affected by leprosy in 2017. About 50 people gathered in Stirling for the celebration.

The theme for the day was “Loving Donors” and different speakers and workshops explored both what is possible because of donors in Scotland who are loving and caring enough to Give, Act or Pray, and what we as a team can do love our donors better.

Emma Bean, who had been commissioned at last year’s celebration before heading off to Anandaban Hospital in Nepal for her elective placement as part of studying medicine, returned to tell us all about her experiences. It was a joy to hear about what she had seen and learned during her short visit. As a young doctor she had noticed and picked up different things about Anandaban, and the wider work in Nepal, that mission staff might not always be aware of. Everyone appreciated her fresh perspective and enthusiasm for all that the team in Nepal are able to do thanks to the gifts and prayers of supporters in Scotland and elsewhere.

Mhairi Dawson made her first overseas trip for The Leprosy Mission last year and was able to give a great update about the work at Purulia Hospital and Bankura Vocational Training Centre  in India, 2 projects that Scottish donors have supported for many, many years. Mhairi also shared details of a workshop she attended in Sri Lanka at which staff from across Asia shared experiences and best practice. Mhairi was able to gain a deeper insight into some of the work going on in those countries. The workshop covered topics such as Integral Mission and Sustainability, and it was interesting to hear about some of the successes and the challenges each country has had.

Brent Morgan, General Director of The Leprosy Mission International, brought us up to date with the current global leprosy situation and shared stories from around the world about the impact that loving donors in Scotland and elsewhere are making towards defeating leprosy.

Peter Walker, Head of Fundraising Development for The Leprosy Mission International, shared a powerful story of a man from india, “Seven”. He spoke about how fundraising is a Biblical idea and that we can all love people by giving them the opportunity to help  someone in need. By asking for gifts we can demonstrate our love for both people in need and those who we are asking.

After a lovely afternoon tea everyone split up into small groups to discuss why they support The Leprosy Mission and what The Leprosy Mission Scotland does well or could do better. This will help TLMS to try to reach more people in future and to better demonstrate our love for donors in ways that people appreciate.

Linda introduced Scott Forsyth who will be following in Emma’s footsteps by visiting Anandaban Hospital next spring as part of his medical studies. We prayed for him and commissioned him to go to Nepal.

Linda also spoke about the people who motivate her to do everything she can to defeat leprosy, reminding everybody that the only thing which will defeat it are the gifts of loving donors for years to come.

The day started and ended with short times of worship, there was time for prayer and great fellowship over lunch and afternoon tea.

It was an inspiring day. Keep an eye out for details of next year’s celebration (almost certainly on Saturday 1st June)  and aim to join us if you can.

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4th Jun 2018

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