Everyone Else Is Going Back To School – But He’s Been Banned

Are there any children in your life getting ready for the new school year?

Are they worried or quite blasé about it? Or do they just wish the summer holiday could go on forever?

How would they feel if all their friends were going back but they’d been banned?

If all the teachers had told your family they they refused to teach that one child, just because they’d been sick.

That’s what happened to Arun and his family. But you can help him to restart his eduaction today!

He was 16 when he began to get discoloured patches on his face and arms.

COVID restrictions meant it took a whie until he was able to see a doctor, who told him that he has leprosy.

Arun took his medicine every day, his leprosy is cured. But when the schools reopened his parents were told to keep him away.

He was devastated!

Arun is the eldest in his family. He feels a great responsibility to do well so that he can provide for them.

He feels that he has let them all down.

Imagine feeling like a failure at 17 or 18 just because you got ill.

Your gift today will give him hope again.

Will you give him a place at a Vocational Training Centre where he can learn valuable skills employers want?

Bankura Vocational Training Centre is only 3 hours away from where Arun’s family live.

You could help him walk up this path at the start of the new school year.

Will you give a young man like Arun the chance he needs?

Of the different trades on offer Arun wants to become a welder. His father told him it’s a good job that will always be needed in the towns near where they live.

It costs just £40 per month for a student like Arun to attend the Vocational Training Centre.

Your compassion today will mean that this could be Arun, learning the skills that will support him and his family for the future.

Will you give the boy who was banned the chance to learn and to have a secure future?

Ninety students will start at Bankura VTC this year. With your help Arun will be one of them.

Making leprosy a thing of the past doesn’t just mean curing the disease, it means ensuring that people who’ve had it, like Arun, can have the same opportunities as anyone else in their community.

Arun was banned from school. Today you can fix that.

Arun felt he had let his whole family down. Today you can lift him up.

You can make sure that not only has the disease been eradicated from his body, it will be a thing of the past in the rest of his life too.

Will this year’s welding class photo have a space for Arun?

Your gift can make that hapen today.

Please provide a space at a Vocational Training Centre for Arun and others like him this year.

As the children in your life head back to school or college here, please give young people like Arun their chance to learn and to have a better life.

Your love and support can make a lifetime’s difference.

God bless you.

(For privacy reasons we are unable to show photographs of Arun and his family, and their names have been changed.)

My Gift To Help Young People Like Arun

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29th Jul 2022

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