Celebrate An Event


A Birthday for Bangladesh

A Wedding to help someone Walk again

An Anniversary that Advocates for Human Rights

We all love a good celebration with our friends and family but your celebration could help make leprosy a thing of the past – something to celebrate for all of us!

Whatever event you’re celebrating, plan it as normal but instead of presents ask people to give to support your chosen project in one of our key partner countries.

You can set up a Facebook Fundraiser, a Fundraising page or a Virtual Collection Box so people can give directly – just send them the link in an email or on social media

Or if you collected the gifts in person and are unsure how to send them on to us, there are various options for how to do that.

Wedding Favours

As you start your new life together you could other people new life by eradicating their leprosy.

Rather than sending your guests home with a bag of sugared almonds, you could send a gift on their behalf to one of our partner projects. It’s a great way to thank your guests for sharing your special day and they’ll be able to take home a wee reminder card from us highlighting the gift that you have given.

Give us a call or email and we’ll take things from there. All we ask is that you make a minimum suggested donation of £1.50 per guest (allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of your favour cards).

If you would like us to personalise your cards, perhaps with your photo, your names or any specific text you would like to include, we’re happy to do that. It will take a little longer to deliver personalised cards (allow 4-5 weeks) and we would suggest a donation of £2.50 per guest.

We recommend you also create a personalised fundraising page for your guests to give to the project of your choice instead of, or in addition to, the traditional wedding list or in response to receiving one of the favours.