Collection Boxes


Your small change can change someone’s life which is why hundreds of people across Scotland are using one of our little blue tubs.

You can use a tub to individually collect for The Leprosy Mission or you could challenge your church or group to see how much change they can collect within a certain time, for example, during Advent or Lent. Asking whether a box can be located in your church or used to collect loose change at meetings is a popular and easy way for people to support our work.

The results can be quite startling and together the tubs raise thousands of pounds every year.

Instead of physical boxes you can also create a Virtual Collection Box for your church or group.

The forerunners of our blue tubs are often the subject of the older generation’s Sunday School memories, particularly the old red topped phials or “L” boxes.

You can pick up a Blue Tub from your local church rep, when one of us is speaking at an event in your area or give us a call and we’ll post one out to you.

You might be surprised to know that one blue tub can hold:

£105 in £1 coins

£30 of 20p’s

£14 in 5p’s

£13.40 of 10p’s

£2.18 in 2p’s

When it’s full return your box to your local church rep, or if you don’t know who that is there are a variety of other ways that you can get your gift to us.