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The Leprosy Mission Scotland’s Heal One programme has been temporarily suspended for review and improvement. We are not signing up any new Heal One supporters during this time.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you wish to give regularly to support people affected by leprosy you can do so here.


The stigma of leprosy has been heartbreaking for Rinku.

Become a Heal One supporter today. You will completely Cure, Care for and Restore one person like Rinku.

Rinku’s leprosy started as small patches on her face and hands. When touched, they were completely numb. No-one in her community could diagnose this devastating illness.

“I spent one and a half years inside the house because of my patches. I would not go out,”

Rinku says.

Leprosy’s presence in her body caused chronic pain, while attacking the most important nerves that controlled her fingers, thumb and wrist. Rinku lost the use of her hand, along with the ability to carry out the most basic everyday activities. Unable to hold a pen or write, she lost the chance to go to school and build her future.


You enable us to administer the medicine that eradicates the ancient and feared disease of leprosy. Rinku’s leprosy spread for years because no-one in her community knew what it was. You will ensure someone is completely cured of leprosy.


Your gifts will treat leprosy’s physical damage. In Rinku’s case, to have any hope of ever using her hand and wrist again, she needs complex reconstructive surgery and intensive physiotherapy.


Restoring lives is vital, because of the fear, rejection and stigma that still surrounds the ancient grief of leprosy. For Rinku, we need to help her restore the many years of education she has missed because of leprosy. “I am scared about how people will view me with my deformity and sickness and lack of schooling. I am so depressed about this disease.” As a Heal One supporter you will get to walk with Rinku from this sadness to new joy on her journey of freedom from leprosy.

Heal One Today…

As a Heal One supporter, you will set someone like Rinku free from leprosy. You will provide truly effective cure, expert care and vital restoration.

It costs just 50p per day for one year or 25p per day for two years to set someone like Rinku completely free from leprosy.

As a Heal One supporter, you will Cure, Care for and Restore.

Will you Heal One person like Rinku?

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