When Urmila was just 11 years old, leprosy damaged her nerves and stole the feeling in her hands and feet.

Without the precious gift of pain you just don’t notice when sharp stones rip through your sandals and pierce your skin.

Cuts developed on Urmila’s feet, and they soon became infected. For years, she was left with a persistent ulcer that wouldn’t heal, making it nearly impossible to walk.

Everything changed for Urmila when she came to Anandaban. There she began the new special treatment on her stubborn ulcer. After only a few short weeks her wounds finally started healing. After all this time, restoration was finally taking place.

But the place where this life-changing discovery was made is under threat. Anandaban Research Centre was damaged by the earthquakes in 2015, it is too small, and won’t pass the upcoming government inspection. To see an end to leprosy in our lifetime, we must act now.

By giving an Easter gift, you will help rebuild Anandaban Research Centre.

You will discover new treatments.

You will make sure that every person affected by leprosy like Urmila can be restored too.

Read more about how you can help Urmila and the Anandaban Research Centre.

(Photograph © Sabrina Dangol)

My Gift To Help Anandaban Hospital Reach Greater Heights

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