Have you ever bought a Christmas present for someone and couldn’t wait to give it to them? Especially if it’s the perfect gift for them.

Little Munna longs to buy a present for his grandfather, Allu Pedda. But he can’t afford it.

Thankfully children like Munna can rely on faithful supporters like you to give their grandparents the perfect gift. You are always there for people affected by leprosy, showing them your love. Showing them that you care.

Today will you include people affected by leprosy in your Christmas? Will you ensure people like Allu Pedda are not left alone and get the perfect gift they need? You can do this with a kind gift this Christmas. It could be the best present you’ve ever bought.

Read more about Munna and Allu Pedda and how you can give them the best Christmas present ever.

My Gift To Help Families Like Allu Pedda’s

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