Donate HereSameer has been deeply grieved to see his hopes in life disappearing. It has shattered his mental health.

He feels depressed and hopeless, weak and inadequate. No child should ever feel this way.

He doesn’t know how to talk to his friends anymore. Like a shadow, they too have wandered off. He is so lonely.

He describes leprosy as taking away his sense of being a whole person. As if part of him, the best part, has become just a shadow.

Sameer can barely remember what it is like to run at full speed. He feels so unhelpful to his family because he can no longer do basic household chores.

His parents too feel depressed, thinking about their son’s future – and about their own poverty, because they have spent a lot of precious work time and the little money they had, trying to get help for their son.

Your loving gift this Easter will help a child like Sameer to reclaim the shadow of the life that leprosy has stolen.

Please give today.

You can read more about Sameer’s story here

My Gift To Help Children Like Sameer

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