Everything changed in Myanmar just over 2 years ago when the military seized power, plunging the country into a state of emergency.

Essential items are in short supply and life is hard. Many hospitals are closed and medicines are scarce.

Across Myanmar, people are scared. If you have leprosy, the anxiety is even worse. You still need your leprosy medication. The need for urgent ulcer care hasn’t gone away. Without it, untreated wounds can lead to infection. As I’m sure you know, when that happens, there is a real risk of amputation and disability.

This is why we have to act. Right now, there is only one place offering specialist leprosy treatment in the whole country. That place is Mawlamyine Christian Leprosy Hospital. It has always been a refuge for people affected by leprosy. But now it needs your help more than ever to stay open and running.

It needs to stay open for people like U Stanley, who lives more than 300 miles from the hospital.

He first found out he had leprosy in 2004 but was ashamed and hid it, He lived in complete denial about it for over 15 years!

At first, he had patches on his skin, then after around 10 years sores appeared. He feels humiliated when people look at the wound on his foot rather than his face.

He was so ashamed that he had plans to take his own life – until a local pastor convinced him that he could get help at Mawlamyine.

Here he found somewhere that his wounds could be treated. Somewhere that he was treated with dignity instead of disgust.

Your gift today will ensure that Mawlamyine continues to help people like U Stanley who are in such desperate need.

Your compassion will keep the only hospital that will help them open through the desperate times facing their country.

Read more about how you can help U Stanley and Mawlamyine Hospital.

(Photograph © TAPE Productions)

My Gift To Help People Like U Stanley

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