Support Our Top Dogs

This amazing 4-legged team (together with members of our staff team) will be taking part in the 2021 Virtual Kiltwalk to help spot, treat and stop leprosy around the world.

They will each be tackling their own unique Kiltwalk Challenge.

Read more about each of our intrepid team below. Please support and encourage them by sponsoring your favourite. Thanks to the Hunter Foundation everything you give will be topped up by 50%!

No matter who comes out as Top Dog in the fundraising stakes they are all very, very good dogs!

You can join them by taking on your own Virtual Kiltwalk Challenge wherever in Scotland you live – have fun and make a world of difference to people affected by leprosy around the world.

Carletto the Pug is the original member of our dog team. He’s quite an old man now – over 12 and a half years!

He has supported The Leprosy Mission Scotland since he was a puppy, and quite clearly thinks he’s the boss on one of his occasional visits to the office.

He loves cheese (when he can convince someone to share).

Kiltwalk Challenge: Dams to Darnley Walk

Sponsor Carletto Here

Jasper the Maltese is the baby of the team. He’ll be nearly 7 months old on the Virtual Kiltwalk Weekend.

His current favourite activities are chasing leaves around the garden or the park, and stealing socks from the laundry basket.

Kiltwalk training largely consists of walks to one of the nearby takeaway coffee shops.

Kiltwalk Challenge: Cramond Brig to the Forth Bridge along the coastal path.

Sponsor Jasper Here

Molly, a 6-year-old Lhasa Apso, is a lady of leisure who enjoys the finer things in life, and relaxing on the sofa.

She’s the only girl on the team.

She enjoys walks with grandpa and little brother, Rhuairi.  When not cuddling up with mummy or daddy, she likes to keep an eye on little (human) brother, Finlay, 3, and is currently adjusting to life with a new addition, baby (human) sister, Gracie, born on 3rd February.

Kiltwalk Challenge: Round Gartmorn Dam

Sponsor Molly Here

Rascal the Cavachon, certainly lives up to his name.

More interested in sniffing lampposts that walking, Rascal will generally do anything for food, and prefers the newest cushion in the house to take a nap.

A steady supply of doggy treats will be essential to get him through his Kiltwalk challenge.

Kiltwalk Challenge: From home outside Stirling to Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument

Sponsor Rascal Here

Rhuairi, a Lhasa Apso, is 4 years old. He lives with his mummy and daddy, and big sister, Mhairi.

Rhuairi likes to play with Mhairi, and enjoys walks with daddy and his doggy sister, Molly, when she comes to visit.

His favourite toys are Monkey and Jenny Giraffe (a giant foot warmer).

Kiltwalk Challenge: Round Gartmorn Dam

Sponsor Rhuairi Here