Trusts and Foundations

Trusts and Foundations really help our work. Every year, charitable organisations like yours make leprosy a thing of the past for hundreds or even thousands of people. Without your generosity, we simply wouldn’t have the same impact.

We partner many types of trust, from small local trusts managed by a family or a Church, to relatively well known organisations that support hundreds of charities.

Our projects provide medical treatment, education and livelihood development for some of the most vulnerable people in Africa and Asia. We rely on support from Trusts and Foundations in all of these areas.

We build long-term partnerships that help you achieve your charitable aims and objectives and, together, we can make leprosy a thing of the past for everybody.

We understand that the heart of our partners is to engage more closely with the beneficiaries and see real, lasting change in the lives they touch. Our commitment to helping them achieve this is reflected in the feedback we give. We also know that seeing our work first-hand can be a valuable and rewarding experience, and trips overseas to see projects in action can sometimes be arranged.

The difference you can make

Here are some examples of what trusts like yours have recently achieved:

For £3,500, you can provide ‘A Place to Heal’. You can cover all of the costs for a hospital bed in Bangladesh for a whole year – everything from medicine, treatment and food.

For £480, you can provide ‘A Place to Learn’. You can give a year’s vocational training to a student in India, improving their employability and giving them a better start in life.

We welcome the opportunity to work with new partners. If you represent a grant-making trust or know of a trust to which we could apply, please contact Linda Todd by emailing or by telephone on 01786 449266. We encourage visits to our Stirling office and are happy to travel to present our work to trustees.