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As I write this, both the Scottish and UK governments have announced that they are delaying the date on which we all thought that life would be getting more or less back to normal.

With one announcement many of us will have to change plans we’d made or wait even longer to see some people or go to certain places.

Lovely from Bangladesh knows just how life changing one announcement can be.

Donate HereAs a child she went to her local school in rural Bangladesh. Lovely enjoyed playing with the other children in her class. They would run around and giggle together, just as children should. Sadly, that all changed when Lovely was just 10 years old. That’s when she found out she had leprosy.

That one announcement changed her life.

Please send your gift today to help people like Lovely make their leprosy a thing of the past.

The other children rejected her and kept away. Lovely didn’t feel lovely at all. Instead she felt desperately lonely.

It took another 10 years for Lovely to receive the correct treatment for her leprosy. A delay which had life-changing consequences.

Today, you have the chance to do something life-changing. You can bring hope and joy back to someone affected by leprosy. You can replace tears of pain with a beaming smile! You can do that for someone like Lovely.

Your gift today will help to spot leprosy early and treat it fast for children like Lovely today.

Lovely at Nilphamari HospitalWhen she was 20, Lovely made it to Nilphamari Hospital, a safe haven and a place of healing. By then leprosy had already done its worst. Lovely’s hands had become clawed. Devastatingly both of her legs also had to be amputated, one at the ankle and one below the knee.

Lovely’s life had been changed forever. Fortunately, she was met with such love and compassion by the dedicated and loyal staff at the hospital. This is something that Lovely hadn’t experienced in such a long time.

She now returns to Nilphamari when one of her prosthetic legs needs repaired or replaced. It is always a great relief for her to be here. She can relax in the company of people who understand the stigma of leprosy. The shame and the rejection that gave her no choice but to beg at the side of the road day after day, in the hope of getting enough money for the basics of life.

At the hospital, Lovely, and every other patient receives incredible care and a genuine welcome from people like Dr Jewel, the surgeon. Like you, Dr Jewel cares passionately about helping people affected by leprosy – “It’s my calling from God”, he says.

Dr JewelThere are so many people across Bangladesh who will travel long distances to get to the hospital. They know that it is a place where they can find acceptance and a warm and friendly welcome.

They urgently need to receive the cure for leprosy before it’s too late! Before their ulcers become infected and put them at risk of an amputation. They need your help today.

Because of your continued compassion and generosity, Dr Jewel is ready to help when someone like Lovely arrives. He knows exactly what needs to be done.

Today you can spot and treat someone like Lovely, giving them the cure for leprosy before it’s too late. Your gift can change someone’s life.

None of us have had much to smile about over the last year, but today you can put a smile on someone else’s face by giving them the cure for leprosy.

Can you imagine a young child being set free from leprosy, as they are welcomed back into their community? They are the proof that there is a cure for leprosy, and that your kindness provided them with the greatest gifts of all, improved health and a new future.

Imagine what that means to their parents. Imagine how encouraging it is for their neighbours to hear about the compassion and care that’s there for anyone with leprosy at the Nilphamari Hospital.

And a donation from you today is a practical form of love and support that will change their lives forever.

We must do more if we are going to finish what Jesus started and make leprosy a thing of the past. Quite simply, your gift will help to eradicate leprosy one person at a time. One person like Lovely.

Thank you and God bless you

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25th Jun 2021

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