“I Didn’t Know How To Help My Daughter” But You Can

Donate HereIt’s a parent’s worst fear – your child getting ill and not knowing how to help them get better.

When Yahrah was just 4 years old her Mum found herself facing that nightmare herself.

“I thought the blotches on her skin were just an infection or reaction to something she’d touched. But none of the usual herbal remedies worked.

“Instead, the patches got bigger. They spread across her body and she couldn’t feel it when I touched her”

Can you feel her pain and fear? Today, you can lift the fears of parents whose children get sick.

“Years later, one of our neighbours went to a health awareness meeting organised by The Leprosy Mission. She came straight to see me and said ‘I think Yahrah might have leprosy’.”

Community Screening by The Leprosy Mission Nigeria confirmed that she has leprosy. Yahrah was given the medication to cure her leprosy and the team have been able to follow up to make sure she is recovering well.

Please give today to cure a child of leprosy.

“It was a relief to know what was wrong but now I have new fears”

Discrimination against leprosy is still quite strong in this community.

Once people knew that Yahrah had leprosy, all her friends started to avoid her and won’t play with her any more.

“Yahrah feels so lonely right now. I worry about her all the time.

“I’m afraid she might become disabled by leprosy.

“Will she be able to get married and have a family of her own?

“I cry all the time”

Yahrah’s Mum’s story is heartbreaking. Families like hers are why your commitment to making leprosy a thing of the past matters so much.

Your compassion today will lift her fears.

Please give what you can to spot and treat children like Yahrah with leprosy.

Your love will stop families from living in fear of leprosy.

God bless you,

My Gift To Help Children Like Yahrah

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25th May 2022

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