Speakers at our Parliamentary reception

Launching Our New Campaign – May God Bless It

Your generous gifts and prayers are already eradicating leprosy, one person at a time.

But to make leprosy a thing of the past will require lots more people to join you.

Some people think that leprosy is a thing of the past, our new campaign was launched to tell people all over Scotland that it isn’t – yet.

At our launch service in Glasgow on Sunday and at a reception in the Scottish parliament last night people were invited to join you in making leprosy a thing of the past.

Dr Linda de Caestecker (Director of Public Health, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde) has written a new report, Leprosy, an ancient disease still affecting the modern world, that examines the current leprosy situation and highlights the real risks if we don’t do more to tackle it.

Guest speakers including Dr Linda de Caestecker, Dr Joydeepa Darlong (The Leprosy Mission Trust India) and Bruce Crawford MSP, joined some of our staff to talk about the impact that leprosy is still having around the world today. We also talked about how our ambition to make leprosy a thing of the past is now a real possibility and that in doing so we would be finishing something that Jesus started.

Celebrity chef Tony Singh MBE has added his voice to our campaign in a short video.

With your help we can make leprosy a thing of the past. If anyone you know read any of the newspaper coverage in the last few weeks (The Herald | The National); sees an advert; receives a letter; sees one of our stands around the country or picks up a copy of Dòchas that you’ve left lying around, tell them about how you want to eradicate leprosy and ask them to join you in making leprosy a thing of the past.

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26th Sep 2019

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