On My Retirement

It is with mixed emotions that I sit down to write my last ever letter to you.

It has been my joy and privilege to lead The Leprosy Mission Scotland for nearly 25 years. I am hugely encouraged by how for we have all come in the fight against leprosy during that time; and excited by the vision of The Leprosy Mission to end leprosy completely.

During this time I have met some truly wonderful people both here and around the world. People who are inspired by God’s love to reach out with care and compassion to those in need because of leprosy.

The last 3 years have seen some of the biggest challenges we’ve had to face and especially the last 6 months have felt like the perfect storm. God has given me a clear picture that this is the time for me to retire – He will lift me out of the storm and onto the shore of retirement at the end of January.

This will be a new phase of life for me and I do not know what it will hold but I know that I will never lose my passion to make leprosy a thing of the past.

I am grateful for each and every one of you who has given and prayed to help spot, treat and stop leprosy. My prayer is that you will continue to do so and that more people will join you, until together we have finished what Jesus started.

Please pray for me and for the remaining staff and board members of The Leprosy Mission Scotland, for God’s clear guidance for this next chapter.

Thank you for all that you do for people affected by leprosy. God bless you all.

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31st Jan 2023

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