Our Climate Crisis

What is the current climate crises?

Climate change is now one of the biggest threats to humanity. The effects will be felt by everyone, and if steps are not taken soon, there will likely be irreversible alterations to the earth as we know it.

Although the effects are felt by everyone, developing countries may experience them on a larger scale. Due to extreme weather individuals are left without clean water, food and shelter.

How does it affect leprosy?

When considering the effects of climate change, leprosy is often overlooked. However, those struggling will likely experience the effects on a detrimental level.

Firstly, extreme weather will have damaging effects on farming and fishing. This makes it even more difficult for people with physical symptoms of leprosy to find work. One common symptom of leprosy is nerve and muscle damage, making it difficult to work. This will have a domino effect on household income, further contributing to further poverty.

The lack of medical attention also puts people suffering from leprosy at great risk. Many are unable to access essential medicines, specialised footwear, and necessary support systems.

Recent flooding in Nepal forced many to move to higher ground and seek shelter. Again, people experiencing symptoms will likely be unable to swim or climb to safety. These people are being left behind, often with little or no support due to their circumstance. Even those who make it to shelters are being turned away and shunned due to the stigma that comes with the disease.

What can I do?

It starts at home. Everyone can do their part to make a difference. From the way we travel, to the food we eat; think green.

Also think about your peers. The effects of climate change will be felt by everyone. However, some are in a much better position. Educate each other so that we can listen and understand from different perspectives. We must put an end to discrimination in these times of crises. Help make our world a better place.

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12th Nov 2021

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