Our Strategy

Leprosy still exists.

There is a cure.

It can be defeated in our lifetime.

Most people in Scotland are unaware that leprosy still exists, and that once detected it can be easily cured.

The Leprosy Mission Scotland (TLMS) is a Christian charity working to educate, inspire, encourage and enable individuals, churches and communities to stand alongside those affected by leprosy around the world.

TLMS is a member of The Leprosy Mission Global Fellowship that is the largest and most experienced organisation caring for the physical, social, spiritual and psychological needs of people affected by leprosy.

For over 140 years, The Leprosy Mission Scotland (TLMS) has created life-changing connections between people in Scotland and people throughout the world affected by leprosy.

We are dedicated to curing, caring for and restoring leprosy-affected people, families and communities and work to prevent people getting leprosy.

Over the past 25 years, 15 million people have been cured of leprosy, but there are still 5 million people affected by the ongoing impact of leprosy.

TLMS, in partnership with our supporters and the Leprosy Mission Global Fellowship and others, is dedicated to ending leprosy and transforming lives.

Until leprosy no longer stigmatises, marginalises and impoverishes, The Leprosy Mission Scotland will work to raise resources to enable people affected by leprosy to achieve justice.

As we approach our 145th Anniversary, we are committed to a renewed push to defeat leprosy.

To achieve our vision of leprosy defeated and lives transformed, our 4 strategic priorities for 2016-20 are:

We will actively partner with TLM Fellowship Members and other relevant organisations with the aim of defeating leprosy and transforming lives.

We want to work together more strongly with other members of The Leprosy Mission (TLM) Fellowship, and with other appropriate organisations, to build one another up to achieve more than we each could separately. We will treat all these partners fairly and with respect.


We will align our activities and priorities with those of our partners to multiply the effectiveness of all that we do.

Key target: Our key partners report meaningful improvements in income, processes or governance, which can be attributed in whole or part to our involvement or support.

We will generate and utilise income, volunteers and prayers to benefit programmes that cure, care for and restore people affected by leprosy, constantly making sure we are as efficient as possible in all our operations.

We will work towards having a broad mix of income sources to support our project commitments. We will treat everyone who gives to support our work with the best care we can whoever they are and however large or small their gift.


We will actively seek to acquire new donors from a wider demographic of society.

Key target: Voluntary (non-Government) income increases annually to £750,000 by 2020

We will make use of the skills and talents of our volunteers to lead and improve all areas of our work.

We will work to recruit new volunteers from across the country and will care for, support and train them, and our existing volunteers, to ensure we both benefit from the partnership.

Key target: 10% net increase in number of active volunteers by 2020

We will engage with Churches and Christians throughout Scotland to seek their prayers for the work of TLM worldwide using prayer material that is up to date and sensitive to the needs of all of our partners.

We will also maintain regular prayer time within the staff and volunteer team.

Key Target: 5% increase per year in people and churches praying with and for us

We will engage people and organisations across Scotland with the need to defeat leprosy and transform lives in the 21st century.

We will speak up throughout Scotland, in ways that are accessible to everyone, to raise awareness that leprosy exists, how people can help to defeat it and to dispel the myths that still surround it.


We will advocate for the needs and rights of people affected by leprosy, using political, news, Church and social channels.

Key target: We will conduct at least 3 direct advocacy activities each year. This could be, but is not limited to lobbying, a petition or issuing a press release.

We will develop the abilities of strategic partners to contribute effectively to the success of our global mission.

We will support and equip staff, board, volunteers and TLM Fellowship Members to deliver their strategic objectives through training, research, Annual Country Learnings and in other ways.


We will take an active interest in the physical and spiritual wellbeing of our staff and volunteers.

Key target: We will hold Annual Country Learning (ACL) workshops, enhancing their impact by involving stakeholders from outside our staff and board; we will also participate in ACLs of key partner countries.