Our Vision, Mission and Values

We share the Vision, Mission, and Values of The Leprosy Mission Global Fellowship.

To help us raise more support in Scotland we have added extra detail to help our supporters understand how they can play their part.

Our Vision
Our Vision

Leprosy Defeated, Lives Transformed

When we have achieved this vision we will have made leprosy a thing of the past for everybody

Our Mission
Our Mission

Following Jesus Christ, the Leprosy Mission strives to break the chains of leprosy, empowering people to attain healing, dignity and life in all its fullness.

We will eradicate leprosy, one person at a time. This goes beyond eradicating the bacteria that causes it to eradicating the poverty, disabilty, fear and discrimination that it can bring.

Our Values
Our Values

Because we follow Jesus Christ, we value

  • Compassion – Jesus was moved to action by his care and love for those in need. Our actions to help those in need, especially those affected by leprosy, are driven by His call to follow His example.
  • Justice – We believe that all people are of equal value, created in God’s image and loved by him. We strive for fairness, excellence and equity in all our dealings with stakeholders in Scotland and around the world. We will speak up for justice in any area where our voice might make a difference.
  • Integrity – We say what we do and do what we say. Our words and actions are consistent with each other and with our other values, our mission and vision.
  • Inclusion – We value the contributions of any and all stakeholders to our drive to defeat leprosy and transform lives. Projects we support provide appropriate care to all who need it without favour or condition.
  • Humility – We work with others to achieve more together than we could apart. We are always keen to learn ways to improve in any area of our work and encourage our staff and volunteers to do so too.

By following his example, by making leprosy a thing of the past we believe that in this specific area we will finish a task that Jesus himself stated.