Your Christmas Gift to Help Children Like Prisha Will Be Doubled!

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Donate HereThis Christmas you have the power to eradicate leprosy. And for just a few weeks your power is doubled to go even further to help children like Prisha from India …

Who has been diagnosed with leprosy at just six years old!

Please give to help her this Christmas. Your Christmas gift will be doubled! Every child you cure of leprosy, another one just like her will be cured as well.

This year a small group of generous supporters have agreed to double your gift pound-for-pound. For every pound you give, they will give the same, up to a total of £14,000.

At six years old, Prisha “didn’t have a care in the world” despite coming from a very poor family. Until,

A little over a year ago, her parents noticed a pale patch on her face. But they didn’t worry about it – children get blotchy skin from time to time, don’t they? It wasn’t causing her any problems, surely it would just go away by itself in time.

But in Prisha’s case it didn’t go away, instead it grew to cover her whole cheek. Then other patches appeared on other parts of her body – and she couldn’t feel anything in any of them.

Eventually, her parents became worried enough to speak to a local doctor who referred them to Purulia Hospital.

You can give Prisha the treatment she needs this Christmas. You can spot and treat leprosy in children just like her at Purulia and elsewhere.

As well as the patches, doctors at Purulia saw that she had weakness in one of her fingers. She was diagnosed with leprosy and nerve inflammation.

Prisha started treatment for leprosy immediately but would have to be admitted as an inpatient for the inflammation to be treated and so that she could be taught how to take care of her weak fingers.

When she was admitted, the doctors asked to examine the rest of the family – to see if anyone else was infected.

Prisha’s mother, Suga, and one of her older sisters were also diagnosed with leprosy.

This family face many new problems because of leprosy, for Prisha, at just six years old, it could affect the rest of her life!

But you’re not someone who will let that happen. You see a family in distress. Your Christmas gift will ease their pain and give them hope.

God sees this family’s struggles. He will multiply your gift to stop leprosy destroying other families’ futures as well.

You are committed to making leprosy a thing of the past.

This Christmas, thanks to a small group of generous supporters, whatever you give will go further than ever to help make that happen.

Thank you for your love and support for people affected by leprosy.

Thank you for remembering them at Christmas.

Your gift will help to eradicate leprosy, one person at a time. One person like Prisha.

Have a very Happy Christmas when it comes.

Thank you and God bless you.

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13th Nov 2021

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