St Andrew’s Day of Prayer

I am normally an optimistic person, ‘my cup’ is always ‘half-full’.

With five working weeks to go until the end of our financial year I am acknowledging to myself and to the world that income wise it’s going to stay that way ☹️

With my a ‘half-full cup’ my challenge is to lead in an environment of ambiguity.

2020 will end with a ‘half-full cup’.

2021 will begin with an empty cup in a time of uncertainty, unpredictability and unease.

In times like these my mind makes interesting connections – well at least interesting to me 😊. Long forgotten stories surface and I am learning to sit with my curiosity as to why. Why did this come to mind now? Why was that brought to my attention now? What is the purpose? What could be the good outcome?

The story is one of my favourites from World War 2 – if I am allowed to have a favourite story from a very dark period of history when ‘mans inhumanity to man’ knew no bounds.

It is the story of Dunkirk in May 1940.

Without Dunkirk there would be no D-Day in June 1944.

In May 1940 Hitler unleashed a massive military attack on France and Belgium. The British Army was absolutely overcome and on the brink of annihilation. They had been driven back to the beaches.

Then two things happened on which the whole situation pivoted.

  • An appeal went out to all those on the south coast who owned private shipping vessels, no matter what size, to sail the English Chanel and rescue the trapped military personnel.
  • King George IV called a National Day of Prayer.

The rest as they say is history. Why did this story fight its way into my consciousness? For one reason and one reason only.

In uncertain and unpredictable times our best strategy is to look to God for answers and rescue.

To seek those who share our vision.

  • 1940 – a freedom being marked as I type this at 11.00 on the 11th of November.
  • 2021 – a full to overflowing cup so we can play our part in successfully achieving the three zeros to see ‘leprosy defeated, lives transformed’
    • Zero transmission – the elimination of leprosy
    • Zero disability
    • Zero discrimination

Will you come to the rescue of people affected by leprosy?

Will you spot it, treat it, stop it?

Will you enable the life-transforming, leprosy-defeating projects to thrive?

Will you eradicate leprosy one person at a time?

Will you join us on our day of prayer?

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11th Nov 2020

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