Leprosy doesn’t exist in Scotland any more but The Leprosy Mission Scotland plays a vital role in the overall work of The Leprosy Mission.

Our role in the global fellowship as a Supporting Country is to uphold our partners around the world financially, practically and prayerfully, enabling them to deliver the care and support that is needed.

To make this possible we need people like you, as well as churches and other groups, from across the country to stand in the G.A.P. with us by Giving, Acting or Praying.

Not long after Nehemiah and the other Jewish exiles returned to Jerusalem and started to rebuild the walls, they came under threat from those who lived nearby.

In order to protect and uphold each other and the city, they stood at the gaps in the walls.

“So I stationed people behind the lowest sections of the wall, at the vulnerable areas. I stationed them by families with their swords, spears and bows.” Nehemiah 4:13 (HCSB)

The Leprosy Mission works to protect and uphold people affected by leprosy, often in places and situations where they are vulnerable with little, if any, other support or protection. With this picture in mind will you join us, standing in the G.A.P., until the work is complete and leprosy is a thing of the past for everybody?