Cuppa for a Cure

Hosting a Cuppa for a Cure tea party is a great way to have fun, raise awareness of leprosy and raise money for those affected by leprosy and disability.

You can hold your morning or afternoon tea anywhere and at anytime. At your church (to coincide with your World Leprosy Sunday events or at any other time), with a group you are a member of or you could hold it with your friends at home. You could ask others you know to do the same so that even more people can be a part of it.

We can provide you with posters, invitations and other literature to help.

You can even buy Cuppa for a Cure mugs and coasters from our online shop.

When you hold a Cuppa for a Cure tea party you will be transforming the lives of people affected by leprosy all over the world – or if you want to support a specific project or country that you can tell your guests about, we can arrange that too.

Get in touch using the form below to let us know you’re interested in hosting a Cuppa for a Cure tea party and to download posters and invitations etc.