Leprosy Sunday

In Scotland we encourage churches across the country to hold a Leprosy Sunday during a service that suits them at any time of year. To help your church do so we produce a range or materials that vary year on year to meet the needs of churches who have used previous years packs and told us what they find particularly useful.

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Leprosy Sunday 2022 on Video

Leprosy Sunday 2022 is based around the stories of 3 children from India, Nepal and Nigeria. Because of leprosy their hopes and dreams have been cast into shadow, illustrated in this short film which you can show as part of your Leprosy Sunday service.

The ending of Coronavirus restrictions in Scotland means that churches are open again, but we know that some of our supporters may still be wary or vulnerable.

For those who wish to take part in a Leprosy Sunday service but who have not yet returned to church in person, we have produced a version of the service on video for you to enjoy and participate in.

We can make individual elements of the service available to churches who wish to use them. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements

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Give a Gift at Your Leprosy Sunday

You can give a gift in response to what you have heard in a Leprosy Sunday service here. Or set up a Virtual Collection Box for your whole church to give to together.

The Leprosy Mission Scotland will collect your data to process your donation and personalise your supporter experience. You can contact us at any time to change your preferences. We promise never to pass your details on to another organisation for marketing purposes. Read our full privacy policy.

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About Leprosy Sunday 2022

This year on Leprosy Sunday we are thinking about the impact of leprosy on children and how it can rob them of their hopes and dreams. We will focus on the lives of 3 children from India, Nepal and Nigeria.

Your church’s Leprosy Sunday service will help children affected by leprosy today to have their hopes brought back out of shadow and into the light. You will give them hope and a future.

You will also make a difference to the children of the future by helping to stop them from catching leprosy in the first place. Your gifts and prayers will help to finish what Jesus started by making leprosy a thing of the past. You will be a part of reducing the number of new cases of leprosy to Zero by 2035.

When you register we will send you all the materials you need to help your church to hold its Leprosy Sunday service on whichever Sunday in 2022 suits you best.

Materials available include

  • Leaflets / Gift Envelopes
  • Posters
  • Sermon Notes
  • Film of the 3 children

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Order Your Church’s Leprosy Sunday 2022 Pack

We will send you materials to help your church to hold its Leprosy Sunday service. You will also be able to download some of the materials directly.

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Did you know?

World Leprosy Day is the major date in the leprosy calendar. Every year on the last Sunday in January (in some countries this is extended to cover the whole of the last week in January) the whole world has a chance to stop and consider those people who are affected by leprosy around the world.

It is an opportunity to celebrate the many stories of hope, transformation and restoration that have been achieved as The Leprosy Mission, and many other organisations, take steps towards achieving our ultimate goal of making leprosy a thing of the past.

It is also an opportunity to grapple with the scale of the problem that still exists around the world.

Friday’s Story

The film we produced for Leprosy Sunday in 2021 is a Finalist in this year’s Charity Film Awards.

Please vote for us here

You can also watch the film again and ask your friends to vote too.