Save A Child From Life-Changing Disability

Donate HereIs there a child in your life starting or returning to school at the moment?

For some, this can be a scary idea, especially after all the challenges of the last year.

Have you had to dry some tears or give words of encouragement and comfort? Your love and support makes all the difference.

Abish is 9 years old and knows all about having to go to a scary place where you don’t know what’s about to happen. Your love and support for children like him can make a lifetime of difference too.

Because Abish has just been diagnosed with leprosy.

For Abish, it began with the loss of feeling in his leg. It was a warning sign of what could happen. If left untreated, he could easily hurt himself without even knowing. Just a minor injury could lead to infected ulcers, which may mean amputation for Abish. The impact of which would last his lifetime. But today, you can cure a child who has leprosy!

It costs just £24 to provide a child affected by leprosy with the cure. Please give today to provide children like Abish with the cure for leprosy. You will make sure that the devastating problems caused by leprosy are stopped in their tracks.

Dr Pobon works at skin camps across Bangladesh. He is all too aware of the lasting impact of leprosy on people’s lives. And it is not just the physical damage. It’s the stigma too. Dr Pobon has overheard his patients talk about leprosy as a punishment. They believe wrongly that someone who has leprosy has been cursed.

When little Abish visited one of these skin camps he came with his mother. As he arrived, he reached down to his leg instinctively. He was scared. He knew something was very wrong. Why was he losing the feeling in his leg? He and his family were completely unaware that Abish had leprosy. It’s thanks to you and others like you who share your compassion that Dr Pobon was there to help him.

At every skin camp throughout Bangladesh the story is the same. Many children affected by leprosy turn up each day. They are not sure what’s happening to them. The loss of feeling is scary, and the ulcers are nasty to look at. They don’t understand the significance of their visit to the skin camp. The diagnosis of leprosy may seem frightening, but when they receive the cure something significant and joyous happens. That’s because when a child is diagnosed early enough, they are protected from life-limiting disability caused by leprosy.

Still too often children affected by leprosy don’t get that protection. Disability prevents them from being able to go to school or take part in lessons. They are robbed of their potential and a future.

Others are prevented from going to school because of fear and prejudice about leprosy.

Today, you can prevent a child from developing a life-changing disability. Please give whatever you can, to cure children affected by leprosy.

When you reach out and provide the cure for a child affected by leprosy, you change their life forever. You will be protecting them from lifelong disability. Further still when they are free from leprosy, they will be able to tell others all about the skin camp. The place where they were cured thanks to your compassion and generosity.

Please provide the cure for leprosy to Abish and other children like him today.

Your love and support can make a world of difference.

God bless you.

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23rd Aug 2021

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