Coronavirus Crisis Appeal

(This fundraising campaign is now closed)

Donate HereCoronavirus, or COVID-19 is sweeping across the world. I need your help now to give people affected by leprosy the support they need to get through this crisis and beyond.

I have heard the word “unprecedented” used an awful lot recently. The spread of this new virus is causing unprecedented difficulties in getting help to people affected by leprosy too. And of course, these are some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world.

Many people affected by leprosy have known complete isolation for years. Isolation driven by fear and hatred. Now, with weakened immune systems and other underlying health conditions, many face the terrifying prospect of Coronavirus too.

And all of this is happening in countries where far too few people have access to the technology, the healthcare or even the food we take for granted. Where Personal Protection Equipment for medical staff is much harder to come by and where ventilators and Intensive Care facilities are extremely limited.

Please give today to reach people affected by leprosy with information and practical support to keep themselves safe from the virus

Your gifts will also support preparations for leprosy hospitals to be ready to treat Coronavirus patients from their surrounding areas. You can help make sure that as they do so, long term inpatients and staff can be kept as safe as possible.

When the dust settles you will ensure that the facilities are still in place to continue to spot, treat and stop leprosy until it is a thing of the past.

Please give whatever you can today.

Read my full blog post about why your help today is so vital.

God bless you.

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3rd Apr 2020

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