A Cry For Help From India

“Our hospitals are in desperate need, please help today”

Donate HereI’m sure like me you feel completely shocked by the news coverage of the Covid crisis in India. The devastation is heart-breaking. Thousands are dying every day. Hospitals are overwhelmed, front line staff exhausted and medical supplies are running out.

We’ve seen images of people desperately hunting for bottles of oxygen because a family member is dying in their car.

We’ve seen fires from mass cremations. Each one represents a precious life. We have all experienced some form of loss throughout this pandemic. But can you imagine saying goodbye to more than one family member, alongside hundreds of others who are doing the same thing?

It can feel like it’s too hard to watch sometimes. But rather than look away will you join me to give what you can to help?

Right now, the Indian Government has identified our hospitals to provide beds and care for COVID patients. We have created separate wards and expanded our services. Some TLM hospitals have also been designated as COVID vaccination centres. And this comes at a time when many of our key staff and their families are suffering themselves from COVID-19 and have been hospitalised. The situation is urgent and we need your help.

As so often happens in any crisis, it’s the most vulnerable who are left behind. The gap between rich and poor has never been more evident. You won’t see people affected by leprosy in the news. Most have not yet been vaccinated, and they can’t afford to travel to big hospitals in the hope of treatment for Covid. Even if they did, they would be last in the queue. We can’t watch and do nothing.

People affected by leprosy deserve to receive vital care like everyone else. Our front line staff need vital resources and supplies to help those in desperate need. They need your help to get through this crisis and beyond. But we need to act fast to save lives. Today, you can help make that happen.

For just £15 you can help provide essential medical supplies. A gift of £185 will help support a front line health worker. Your gift will help them to continue to reach out in love and compassion and ensure those who are most vulnerable get the care they need. Will you make sure they are not left behind?

As the situation in India makes headlines around the world, will you join with other compassionate supporters like you and make sure people affected by leprosy are not forgotten? Please give what you can today! You will be helping to support those on the front line and protect the most vulnerable – people on the margins of society. These people have already suffered so much in the last year, and now this.

The lack of care for people with Covid is more acute in rural areas. Many are unable to pay for treatment. As Covid enters these villages, it is frightening. Not only do we need to protect people affected by leprosy, we also need to care for them in their hour of need. A gift of £350 today will provide a Leprosy Mission hospital bed for a month to provide immediate treatment.

Today, I’m asking will you stand with our brothers and sisters in India? They need our help more than ever.

Your gift of £15 could provide essential medical supplies
£75 would ensure medical supplies reach more people
£185 will provide critical support to those on the front line
£350 funds a hospital bed for a month, providing immediate care
£3500 funds 10 hospital beds for a month, providing immediate care

Please give what you can to help protect India’s most vulnerable and provide vital care.

My Gift to help tackle to Covid crisis in India

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7th May 2021

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