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Elisha’s Miracles – 2: A God of Blessings

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2 Kings 4: 8-17

The next two miracles (v8-37) both happen in the village of Shunem, though they happen at least a few years apart.

There we find a woman, the Bible describes her as prominent in the community, probably one of the wealthier residents, and she certainly had a reasonably large house, and she was obviously faithful to the true God because she provides hospitality for Elisha whenever he is passing through, even making him a room of his own in the house for him to use whenever he wishes.

And Elisha wishes to do something for her, to repay her generosity, but when asked she says there is nothing she needs – she is living among her own people and is obviously materially provided for.

At the time there was a huge cultural significance around having children and crucially an heir who will inherit from you. Elisha’s attendant Gehazi notices that she has no son and her husband is old.

God knows and recognises our deepest desires even if we never verbalise them or even fully admit them to ourselves. He knows what’s going on in our heads and in our hearts. And on this occasion as reward for her faithfulness and her service to God’s prophet she is given a son.

Elisha tells her “at this time next year, you will have a son”. And she doesn’t believe him “No, my lord. Man of God do not deceive your servant” but sure enough at the same time the following year a son was born.

When our desires align with the will of God, God can provide what we could never expect or imagine. And he always keeps his promises. Once Elisha had said the word there was no going back, even though she didn’t believe it, it still happened. God is faithful to everything He says.

Our motivation for serving God should never be in order to gain blessings for ourselves but God can bless us with the deepest desires of our hearts if He chooses.

The Shunamite woman’s motivation was simply to serve God as she was able. How will you serve Him today?

As you serve Him day by day, as you pray and read His word and spend time in His presence ask Him to change your heart so that your desires and priorities become more like His.

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22nd Aug 2017

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