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Fight Famine in South Sudan

(This fundraising campaign is now closed – the South Sudanese government has declared that the famine is over)

East Africa is starving.

My good friend Dr Yousif Deng from South Sudan has contacted me to ask for help.

Two states in South Sudan have already been officially declared as having famine, many more will follow if we do not act now. And as always in an emergency, people with leprosy, or a disability, can be overlooked and not receive help as quickly as others.

Please give today so that Yousif can get them the food and the help that they need.

Yousif told me that “I want to respond quickly with relief for people in leprosy communities, especially at Malek and also nearer to Juba.

“I hope that we will be able to work with the church, and others, to reach as many people that need our help as we can”.

Your gift today will bring emergency relief to people affected by leprosy. It will also support efforts to improve the agricultural work of people affected by leprosy so that they have better food security in future.

The ongoing conflict has forced many people to flee from their homes and land – half the country’s population are expected to be affected by extreme hunger by July.

Please give what you can today to stop this crisis becoming much worse.

God bless

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31st Mar 2017

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