Friday Lost His Home And Family Because of Leprosy

Donate HereFriday grew up in an ordinary village in Nigeria. He had a loving family, Mum, dad and 4 brothers and sisters.

When he was 11 he began to lose the feeling in his foot, his hands and nose began to swell and he found it difficult to breathe. His friends began to notice when they were playing.

His parents took him to a local, traditional healer, but he couldn’t help.

His mother then took him to The Leprosy Mission’s hospital at Chanchaga where they confirmed that he had leprosy and started the correct treatment to cure it.

After this his father wouldn’t allow him to return home. His mother had to leave him at the hospital.

For people like Friday, a diagnosis of leprosy means much more than just needing treatment for the disease.

Will you give him the ongoing medical care that he needs?

Around the world, laws, superstitions, myths and prejudices mean that many people affected by leprosy do not have a home, or do not feel safe and welcome at home.

Please give to help change laws, and change minds and attitudes, to end the stigma now. Help people like Friday feel safe at home.

Credit: Lizzy Standbrook

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5th Feb 2021

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