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Donate HereHave you ever felt a calling of some kind in your life? That pull that says “this is the path that God intends for me to follow”? To live your life as God intended it to be. To be the person He wants you to be?

Many people affected by leprosy sadly still face barriers and rejection. It’s impossible for them to live the life they once dreamed of. Can you imagine how they feel, forever waiting for a miracle?

High on a hill in Nepal, there is a place where God is inspiring medical miracles. Anandaban Hospital is a special place where God’s presence can be felt. He’s there on the wards with the patients and staff. His hands guide the surgeons and equip the specialists.

The medical team are living out God’s calling on their lives. One powerful example of this is Dr Indra. He was inspired to create a pioneering ulcer treatment which leads to rapid healing. This means that ulcers that usually take months or even years to heal, now just take weeks!

But the place where this life-changing discovery was made is under threat. Anandaban Research Centre was damaged by the earthquakes in 2015, it is too small, and won’t pass the upcoming government inspection. To see an end to leprosy in our lifetime, we must act now.

Today you can play a special part in helping the team continue to live out their calling. Not only that, but you will be living out your calling too. You can help rebuild Anandaban Research Centre and keep it running with a gift today.

Without Anandaban Research Centre the breakthrough in ulcer treatment wouldn’t have happened. People like Urmila would still be struggling. Still searching to live out their purpose.

Urmila was diagnosed with leprosy at the age of 11 and was devastated to miss years of school and the friends she could have made. Leprosy damaged her nerves and stole the feeling in her hands and feet. Without the precious gift of pain you just don’t notice when sharp stones rip through your sandals and pierce your skin.

Cuts developed on Urmila’s feet, and they soon became infected. For years, she was left with a persistent ulcer that wouldn’t heal, making it nearly impossible to walk. She spent months in hospital having treatment and quickly fell behind with her education. Can you imagine how much she worried and struggled? How could she achieve her dreams without an education?

Everything changed for Urmila when she came to Anandaban. There she began the new special treatment on her stubborn ulcer. After only a few short weeks her wounds finally started healing. After all this time, restoration was finally taking place.

I’m sure you would agree, we can’t stop there. We must continue the fight to end leprosy forever. We must discover new treatments. Together we must make sure that every person affected by leprosy can be restored too.

Today, your gift can help provide that precious gift of rapid ulcer treatment to someone like Urmila. You will be bringing hope to many affected by leprosy across the world.

As we approach Easter, we are reminded of the great restoration that Jesus came to bring. That we could be reconciled to God. That you and I are forgiven and accepted. I don’t know about you, but knowing I am loved by God is such a wonderful feeling.

You’ve already shown God’s love to people affected by leprosy and the staff at Anandaban. You’ve prayed for them and supported them. You’ve been there when they needed you most.

Through your caring heart God has used you. That’s why I am asking today if you would show your kindness again. By giving an Easter gift, you will help rebuild Anandaban Research Centre. You can join the team in discovering new breakthroughs. That means together we can make a global impact.

Urmila is now looking forward. She is planning to rekindle her passion for learning by teaching herself to weave clothes and shawls. She wants to open her own shop and now has the confidence to weave her way to greater heights.

Let’s take leprosy research to greater heights too. With your help, we will finish what Jesus started and make leprosy a thing of the past within our lifetime. With your help we can make sure everyone like Urmila has a bright and beautiful future.

You can make sure that everyone affected by leprosy can be who God has made them to be. Through rebuilding Anandaban Research Centre the sky really is the limit.

Thank you for the love you show to people affected by leprosy. May you take time this Easter to reflect on how much you are loved by God. May you be reminded that you are forgiven and accepted.

God bless you.

(Photographs © Sabrina Dangol)

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17th Mar 2023

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