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A member of our board, John Twyman-Perkins, who recently visited Bangladesh and Nepal wrote this letter.

I’m going to tell you a sad story. But there’s a reason: You can give a happy ending to this sad story.

Noornobi, a 71-year-old man in Dhaka, is broken and sad. His life has been devastated by leprosy.

I met Noornobi in February. He was a patient in The Leprosy Mission’s hospital. He asked me to tell you his story.

His right leg was recently amputated because of leprosy, and his left foot has been weakened by the disease.

He discovered he had leprosy when a community health worker visited his home. A local man was diagnosed with leprosy, so The Leprosy Mission sent a worker to check if neighbours showed signs or symptoms. Noornobi is ashamed to tell neighbours that he has the world’s most dreaded disease. They think he is prone to ulcers.

He’s cured of leprosy. But that won’t bring back his leg. Or – most of all – heal his broken heart for the shame he has brought on his family…

He used to make a small living by selling vegetables from his bicycle. But that’s another thing that leprosy has robbed him of. With his leg amputated, he cannot ride the vegetable cart. Leprosy has prevented him from walking and robbed him of his job. Imagine how he is feeling. Heartbroken and suffering. Unable to work. Unable to walk. Helpless.

But this doesn’t have to be the end of Noornobi’s story.

Doctors believe that Noornobi could be fitted with an artificial leg, and even able to walk again.

Today, you can give Noornobi the best Father’s Day possible. Your gift can help fit Noornobi with the artificial leg he needs. And help transform his life.

Please send a gift today to help Noornobi and others like him.

On Sunday 19th June, will you celebrate Father’s Day? A day when Fathers like Noornobi should feel special. Sadly, Noornobi has little to look forward to.

Men like Noornobi who have lost limbs to leprosy would be grateful for any help you give – and so much more if your help actually meant they could stand and walk again! Noornobi desperately needs an artificial leg, therapy and encouragement if he is ever going to walk again. Please send whatever gift you can to help Noornobi and people like him today.

Your gift is so important. Your help will put lives back together again that have been broken by leprosy. When the damage of leprosy can’t be undone, your gift will provide an artificial leg, treatment, rehabilitation, and most of all love and care. People disabled by leprosy need someone there to tell them that they belong. And they want to be able to walk again.

Your gift will provide all of that for Noornobi. So please respond to help him today. As you do, let me ask you to pray for leprosy-affected people like Noornobi and the people on the frontline working to reach them. Jesus said …

“The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is proclaimed to the poor.” – Matthew 11: 5

When you send your gift today, Noornobi can receive the best Father’s Day possible. Noornobi desperately needs to hear good news. He wants to know that he will one day walk again. That someone loves him and cares. You can give him that priceless gift!


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27th May 2016

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