Let Rakesh Choose His Future

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Donate Here!When Rakesh found a large discoloured patch on his arm, his parents were afraid of what it might be.

They were so afraid of what the reaction from their community might be that they sent him to a government-run hospital in another state.

The doctors there didn’t want to know. They didn’t tell him what was wrong of give him any treatment – they just sent him away, telling him to go to The Leprosy Mission hospital. In yet another state!

Finally someone told him what was wrong – he has leprosy. He started taking treatment and after several months is well on the way to being cured.

Now he has come back because he has lost all the strength in his right hand, wrist and arm. Only an operation can help restore it.

It costs just £120 for a surgeon to undo the damage to his arm. £24 will bring the cure to another young person like him. Will you help him, and others like him, to have a future free from the effects of leprosy?

Afraid to tell anyone that he has leprosy, Rakesh is saying that he hurt his arm in a fall. He has had to put all his future plans on hold while he focuses on getting better. Don’t let leprosy rob him of his future before it has even begun.

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21st Jan 2019

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