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Mary’s Song 3

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Luke 1: 46-66

Mary lists in her song, the Magnificat, at least 17 attributes of God. She is possibly, likely illiterate. In that day, it would have been very unusual for a woman of her age and socioeconomic status to be formally educated in that rural town. She may be literate; it is more likely that she heard the Scriptures read to her in synagogue on Sabbath, she committed them to memory and she is choosing to live her life top-down: “Who is God? I’m going to live in light of that.”

Mary lists 17 attributes of God showing amazing theological understanding. She knows who God is and she trusts the Scriptures. And when she could be worrying, she starts worshipping.

Sadly I don’t have time or space to write about all 17 attributes. I’ll do the first three. However just so you believe there are 17 the remaining 14 are:

  1. God is respectful
  2. God is mighty
  3. God is personal
  4. God is holy
  5. God is merciful
  6. God is worthy
  7. God is powerful
  8. God is sovereign
  9. God is gracious
  10. God is generous
  11. God is just
  12. God is humble
  13. God is faithful
  14. God is eternal

1. God is the Lord

“My soul magnifies the Lord.” What that means is that her God, he’s in charge. He is above all, all other kings, all other kingdoms. Satan, demons, religions. Her God, our God, Yahweh, he’s above everyone and everything. There’s no one beyond him. This is of great comfort for her. As she looks at her life and her future-“What will happen with my husband and my reputation, and my family, and how will I feed this child, and how will I raise God?”-what she says is, “You know what, the Lord’s in charge. The Lord’s in charge. I trust him.” So this is where theology becomes biography that it might culminate in doxology.

How we see God changes who we are, and it changes how we live. It’s easy to say, “Jesus Christ is Lord” when things are going great. When things are difficult, or your future is uncertain, suddenly, you’re saying, I don’t know, worry is lord, finances are lord, reputation is lord, wellbeing is lord, comfort is lord.”

Mary says, “No, my God is Lord. Whatever he has, that’s what I receive.”

More about Mary and the Magnificat tomorrow.

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21st Dec 2016

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