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Mary’s Song 4

The Leprosy Mission produces an internal daily devotional guide, The Bridge, for use in offices, hospitals, clinics and projects around the world. Current and former staff and trustees from many countries contribute to the guide. We will share with you contributions made by our staff team.

Luke 1: 46-66

2. God is Saviour

Number two, she says that her God is Saviour. “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour.” Some would tell you that Mary was sinless; she wasn’t. She in fact notes that she herself needs a Saviour. We’re all sinners. Like Mary, we all need a Saviour. And Saviour means rescuer, deliverer, hero. Scripture is God’s story of human history, and his involvement in it on a rescue mission as the hero. He’s the Saviour. And ultimately, her Saviour will be her son. That Jesus will be born. That he will live without sin. That he will die for her sin. That he will rise for her salvation. That her son will be her Saviour.

3. God is Omniscient

Number three. She says that God is what we’ll call omniscient, which means all knowing. She says, “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour, for he has looked on the humble estate of his servant.” What she says is, “My God knows everything. My God knows that I’m young. My God knows that I’m poor. My God knows that I’m pregnant. My God knows that I don’t have a lot of resources at my disposal. My God knows that my reputation is going to be destroyed. My God knows that my life is going to be difficult and complicated. My God knows.” This is where our view of God is so incredibly important. Some say, “Oh all religions teach basically the same thing.” No they don’t. For example pantheism, a big word for vague spirituality-God’s not a person, he’s a force; he doesn’t pay attention to you, it’s just an energy that endows you. Our God is personal. He’s alive. He’s living. He’s personal. He thinks, he feels, he speaks, he loves, he knows. God knows every hair on your head, the Bible says. God knows every longing of your heart. He knows every day of your life. God knows it all. And do you know what, he pays attention. There are a lot of people, but God knows everyone by name. And he pays attention to the exact circumstances of their life. And he’s a Father who is attentive in detail to all of his sons and daughter.

No one’s paying attention to Mary. She’s in Nazareth, not Jerusalem. She’s single, not married. She’s young, not old. She’s poor, not rich. What she says is, “Nonetheless, God knows me, and God loves me, and God pays attention to my life, and God knows my needs.”

Do you believe that? If you do, you’ll sleep differently. Isn’t it amazing that she starts her song saying, “God is my Lord and he’s my Saviour? She doesn’t start with all of her complaints toward God. “God, you know, the dress isn’t going to fit. The boyfriend’s kind of freaking out. My parents are wondering how to explain this to my grandmother. It’s going to be really awkward at synagogue with a baby and no husband quite yet. Oh and by the way, I’m too young, and this seems like a lot for me.” What she says is, “He’s the Lord, whatever he wants, he’s my Saviour. He’ll get me through.

Whatever we face in the Global Fellowship in 2017 God will get us through. Do you believe this?

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22nd Dec 2016

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