May’s life is on hold because of leprosy

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15 year old May lives on an island in southern Myanmar. It is a beautiful place to live and yet because of leprosy May’s life is completely on hold. Will you help her get her life back on track?

When she was 8 discoloured patches appeared on both of her hands. Nobody knew what they were – the local clinic gave her a skin ointment but nothing got any better.

For years different doctors couldn’t give her an answer until she heard about Mawlamyine Christian Leprosy Hospital (MCLH) and was brought over by her older cousin.

Finally someone was able to tell her what was wrong and give her the right medication to cure it. But because of the long delay before she was treated she has been left with significant weakness in both hands and now has developed a Leprosy Reaction.

Reaction is a horrible condition that can be a consequence of leprosy, it can be very painful and disfiguring and treating it can be much more complicated than treating leprosy itself.

She has had to drop out of school in order to get the treatment she needs. Please give what you can to provide this vital treatment.

I was really impressed with May when I met her. She is a bright and hopeful young woman, she wants to study to become a doctor specialising in leprosy treatment, both because of the wonderful care she has received at MCLH and so that nobody gets misdiagnosed as she was over so many years.

A gift from you for Mawlamyine Hospital will ensure that May can get all the lengthy treatment that she needs and, I pray, return to school next year to continue her education.

May is in pain

She needs physiotherapy for her hands

She needs medication and regular tests to treat her Reaction

She needs your help

I told May, and the doctors treating her, that people like you are on her side; that people in Scotland will pray for her and will give generously so that Mawlamyine Hospital will be able to give her the help she needs for as long as she needs it.

You can give this bright young woman a new start, having defeated her leprosy, to get her life back on track.

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1st Aug 2017

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