Will You Love Like Jesus This Easter?

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Donate HereNo one deserves to suffer the agony inflicted on young Dad, Nuhu

I know that you care for, and love people affected by leprosy like Nuhu, just as Jesus cared and loved for them. You share my desire to finish what Jesus started by making leprosy a thing of the past.

Those who know Jesus understand that caring for those rejected by others is to love like Jesus.

It means getting our hands dirty. Going to places others don’t go. It also means getting down on our knees to pray for those affected by leprosy.

We will soon celebrate Easter and be reminded of just how much Jesus loved us; you, me, every single one of us. Loving like Jesus means loving everyone, even those the world doesn’t.

That’s why I must call upon your help again today.

Please give now to help heal someone hurt by leprosy – in body and spirit.

Even as the world begins to look towards the end of COVID-19, the needs of people with leprosy are in danger of being forgotten.

People like young dad Nuhu, battling disability and the pain of leprosy, risk also having to battle the despair of being rejected by their community. Made to feel that they are broken, and somehow unworthy of being loved.

That rejection must stop. Now.

Through The Leprosy Mission you can love like Jesus and help heal someone with leprosy like Nuhu.

Your Love like Jesus donation today can help train a Health Worker to diagnose leprosy early, and help manage the disease, so others won’t suffer what Nuhu did.

Nuhu lives in a poor part of Nigeria, and was only 18 when he contracted leprosy.

Imagine it.

18 years old. You’re fit, strong, full of energy, ready to take on the world. There are friends to be made, a career to be built, perhaps even a life-partner to meet.

Then, you notice patches on your hand.

You think nothing of it – until ulcers start appearing on your foot. At the same time, malaria and typhoid attack you.

You suffer pain and fear. Every year it gets worse.

This is why your Love like Jesus action is vital now.

Nuhu is a brave man. Despite his ongoing pain, he married and had four children, never knowing what was causing his suffering, or having any way to fix it.

This was when The Leprosy Mission first met Nuhu.

Nuhu heard about The Leprosy Mission in Nigeria, and he came seeking help. This was when the love of Jesus flowing through people like you went to work – providing the Multi-Drug Therapy that could begin healing Nuhu’s leprosy.

The treatment worked.

Tragically, Nuhu thought that meant he could stop taking the healing drugs. The leprosy flared up, but by the time Nuhu returned to your help at The Leprosy Mission, it was too late.

Nuhu’s leg had to be amputated.

Seeing Nuhu’s leprosy, his wife left him.

Please help stop this agony happening to someone else threatened by leprosy.

Your gift of £24 could spot and treat someone affected by leprosy.

With £35 you can help, together with another generous supporter, to train a Health Worker to reach someone like Nuhu before it is too late.

£120 could provide vital surgery to prevent disability. Perhaps you or your church can even donate £500 to provide a bespoke prosthetic form someone like Nuhu to give them back their life and independence.

To me, this is what it means to love like Jesus.

Your generosity transforms lives!

Your kindness not only brings physical healing, just as critically it can provide emotional healing. Nuhu told us:

“When I lost my leg I would never go out and meet my friends. I became depressed.”

Your acceptance and love can bring light and hope where it was lost.

Today I invite you to change another life for the better.

Let’s work together to stop the pain and damage leprosy causes.

Let’s join together and teach communities that no one deserves to be rejected or stigmatised simply because they are suffering with leprosy.

Let’s pray together that our Father will bless our efforts to eradicate leprosy in the world, one person at a time. One person like Nuhu.

This is what it means to love like Jesus.

This is what people like Nuhu need now. They need you.

I look forward to sharing with you the blessing your Love like Jesus donation brings to the life of someone like Nuhu.

Thank you for loving like Jesus.

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29th Mar 2021

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