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Happy New Year. I hope that this year will be a joyful one for you and your family.

10 year old Prem sees no joy ahead as leprosy is already devastating his life.

Prem lives with his uncle and three older siblings whilst his parents work as daily labourers in a city over 75 miles away.

Prem’s family noticed some patches that developed on his face, but they did not take him to a doctor as the patches weren’t painful. When they became concerned and did seek treatment, they took Prem to village doctors who prescribed antifungals and ointments. None of this made any difference and the patches became enlarged and very red. It was only then that Prem’s parents were consulted and they realised he needed better treatment. The family had heard of Purulia Hospital as it had an excellent reputation for skin treatment. No one in the family had ever even heard of leprosy. They visited the Out Patients Department one searingly hot day to see if the doctors could help.

At Purulia Hospital Prem was diagnosed with leprosy. Not only was he seen by the doctors, but his mother and an uncle were also diagnosed with advanced leprosy.

Prem is a normal 10-year-old boy. He wants to fit in and look like his friends. He is very self-conscious about his face and the patches on it. Although Prem loved going to school before he developed leprosy, he now refuses to go and is ashamed of how he looks.

With your help, everything can change.

Thousands of people like Prem and his family will come to Purulia this year looking for help to overcome the effects of leprosy. You can provide them with all the medical care they need to defeat their leprosy.

Please give what you can today so that Purulia Hospital can provide the wide range of services they need including leprosy treatment and surgery to correct disabilities, ophthalmology, dermatology, orthopaedics and general surgical procedures.

As well as medical care you can give Prem the love and support that he needs to know that he has nothing to be ashamed of and to feel whole again.

Purulia Hospital is a remarkable place full of dedicated, caring people who are determined to give the best possible support to everyone who comes through their door. Many people travel for hours and sometimes for hundreds of miles for specialist leprosy care here.

This year you can be there for them too. Please give today so that Prem and his family and thousands of others like them can be healed and restored.

Thank you. You are as much a part of the care that Prem needs as any of his doctors or nurses.

God bless


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24th Jan 2017

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