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I recently received this letter from Shovakhar Kandel, the country leader of The Leprosy Mission in Nepal.

As the anniversary of the dreadful earthquake approaches can you help Shovakhar and the team at Anandaban Hospital to rebuild homes, lives and the hospital itself?

Dear Miss Linda,

Greetings from Nepal in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for visiting our country, witnessing the rebuilding of Nepal.

As we discussed, could you send this update to the people of Scotland? Many have given so generously already. We cannot continue without your supporters.

25 April marks one year since the terrible earthquakes on Nepal. I will never forget that day. As you know, I was in Glasgow at your Annual Country Learning.

I watched television coverage, not knowing if my family was alive or dead, before hearing they were alive and well. Praise God!

Returning to Kathmandu, I told my team that the people of Scotland are with us.

We were central to the emergency response. We treated patients outside in tents because of unstable buildings. Staff housing was destroyed. Yet we gave life-saving help, emergency surgery and sent staff to mountainous areas no-one else could reach.

Without you, we could not have saved so many lives. God has a special place in His heart for Anandaban, and for those who support us – like you.

But we need to continue our crucial work curing and caring for people suffering the devastating effects of leprosy…

You helped after the earthquake, saving lives. Anandaban Hospital was badly damaged in the earthquake and is unsafe in places. Now we must repair and rebuild Anandaban so we can serve the community.

Injured people came to Anandaban, where generous donations from Scotland provided surgery, treatment, emergency food supplies and temporary shelters.

Our hospital, the only one for miles, suffered structural damage and the homes of doctors, nurses and support staff, many were completely destroyed.

Where stone and mud houses once stood, there are now piles of rubble.

People affected by leprosy are suffering.

Winter is coming. People whose lives have been devastated are shivering in the cold and rain in makeshift shelters. These shelters do not last long and cannot protect people from the worst of the winter weather. Until they have a home these families cannot begin to rebuild their lives.

Do you remember Khrishna? When the earthquake hit, Khrishna was outside his modest home. The ground began to shake. He yelled to his wife Pushpo to come outside. Trying to escape, she slipped. She grabbed the doorway for support but the house collapsed on top of her. She was killed instantly.

Khrishna passed out and only regained consciousness an hour later. He had suffered a horrific trauma. His dear wife was dead.

Khrishna contracted leprosy when he was in teenage years. He wasn’t diagnosed, so the disease caused permanent damage to his hands. Pushpo, his wife for 25 years, had supported him financially and helped him manage at home. Now all he owned was in ruins. Even the milk buffalo was under the rubble.

Overcome with despair, Khrishna wanted to die. Only the tearful pleas of his sons Kamal, 12 and Ashok, 18, stopped him from killing himself. Now, Khrishna is determined to look after his sons, even if that means begging to survive. He desperately needs a new home – a safe place to raise his youngest son.

Can you ask the people of Scotland to help rebuild Nepal? Our hospital and the homes of people affected by leprosy are damaged or destroyed.

Please pray for people like Krishna. He is not alone. There are many like him.

Thank you so much for doing this for Nepal. We greatly appreciate this.

I hope you and your family are always well and full of God’s blessing.

Shovakhar Kandel

Country Leader

The Leprosy Mission Nepal


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31st Mar 2016

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