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For years, many of our wonderful Church Reps and Community Fundraisers have paid in the proceeds of church offerings, blue tubs and other fundraising activities over the counter at their local bank. Other people who organise fundraising activities do the same too.

But in the last few months I’ve had more and more people call me up to say that their branch is closing or that they’ve been told that the bank won’t take cash over the counter in the same way as before.

I hate seeing committed supporters like you having such difficulty in getting their gifts to where they need to be – helping people affected by leprosy.

To help you, here are a number of different ways that you can ensure your gift gets to where it is needed as quickly and easily as possible.

Give Online

If you’re organising any kind of fundraising activity, encourage as many people as possible to give online or by text message. Their gift will come direct to us and you won’t have to handle any cash at all.

If you have taken a cash collection it may be easier to pay it into your own account than ours and then give it online yourself.

By Phone

If you don’t want to use your credit card online you can give us a call and use your card over the phone. We’ll be able to process your gift there and then and confirm that it has gone through correctly.

By Post

Tried and true, you can always put a cheque, payable to The Leprosy Mission Scotland, into the post to our office here in Stirling. It may not be the quickest but it’s still one of the most used methods for giving a gift to help people affected by leprosy. If you don’t want to use your own personal account, speak to the church treasurer who might be able to help.

We would rather you didn’t send cash in the post.

Electronic Transfer

If you use online banking you can send your gift directly from your account into ours. Give us a call and we can give you the account number to use. If you don’t, the church or group you are a member of might, again speak to the treasurer.

If you are giving in this way please let us know how much you have given and who it is from so that we can recognise it when it appears on our bank statement.

Bank or Post Office Counter

For many, this is where the problems have started – banks are becoming stricter about accepting payments in this way without official paperwork, and many local branches are closing, making it harder to find one anyway. But all is not lost, some banks and the Post Office will accept payments into accounts at other banks, as long as the paperwork is correct

If you would like to give in this way in future, whether or not you have done so in the past, give us a call and we can discuss your options with you and provide you with an official pay in slip if required.

I am thrilled that Church Reps and other volunteers make such a big contribution towards defeating leprosy. I want to help you be successful in any way I can. Let me know how I can help you to Take Action for people affected by leprosy.

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1st Aug 2018

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