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When she was diagnosed with leprosy, Usha lost more than her health

She lost

  • her job
  • her community
  • her hope for the future

But your gift today will make sure more people with leprosy don’t lose their chance for a normal life.

Usha was just 15 when the effects of leprosy first took hold of her hands and feet, robbing her of feeling and turning her hand into an ugly claw.

She was shunned and excluded by her neighbours when they found out she had leprosy. They made her leave her home and the village. They told other people to stay away from her too.

“They hate you because you have leprosy” someone told her later.

Lost and alone, her condition got worse and worse. Because she can’t feel her right foot at all she developed ulcers, a severe infection and the bones in her foot and leg began to shorten.

Until someone like you gave her a new hope.

Your gift today will give that same hope to someone facing the effects of leprosy right now by providing care and community at Green Pastures Hospital.

Usha arrived at Green Pastures Hospital in Nepal just in time, they diagnosed her leprosy and treated her with multi-drug therapy (MDT). With surgery and good care, her ulcers were cleaned and the infection cleared up. If she’d waited a few more months, her leg would have had to be amputated!

Thanks to people like you, Green Pastures is an oasis of hope for people like Usha and her husband Biswa who knew to bring her back recently when her ulcers became worse again.

While most men in this area would never even consider marrying a woman affected by leprosy and disfigured like Usha, Biswa saw through the disfigurement and was moved with compassion and pity – he knew he wanted to take care of her and protect her.

By giving a gift today you will be giving a peaceful sanctuary at Green Pastures where people like Usha and Biswa, can get the medical care and emotional support they need.

Usha and Biswa have found a home at Green Pastures. Together they now work on the hospital farm earning 330 Rupees each per day.

They have a home and their own small plot of land to farm as well.

A gift to Green Pastures gives dignity, meaning and self-worth to people who had lost everything because of leprosy.

Your gift will give hope of a better future to Usha and Biswa, and many more like them.

Thank you and God bless you.

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30th May 2018

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