Yahrah And Her Friends Are Playing Together Again

Yahrah was just 4 years old when discoloured patches began to appear on her skin.

Her parents didn’t know how to help her. Nothing they tried made any difference and she just kept getting worse. For 5 years!

A community health awareness campaign by The Leprosy Mission Nigeria led to her finally getting the help she needed. Yahrah has leprosy.

At the time she still didn’t understand what leprosy really meant. All she knew was that that her friends avoided playing with her because she has leprosy; ‘I feel lonely among other girls my age…”, she said.

Her mother was afraid her little daughter might grow up disabled by leprosy.

But thanks to you, Yahrah has new joy and hope.

Since being given medication for her leprosy, Yahrah’s skin has improved noticeably.

She remains a reserved girl, but she has friends she plays with again – some old and some new. Soon she will be able to go to school again. Her father says:

“I want to say a big thank you to all the doctors at The Leprosy Mission Nigeria for their support in transforming the life of Yahrah for the better. My earnest prayer is that God will continue to bless them and give them the courage to do more for Yahrah and others facing similar conditions.”

The smile on her face is all thanks to your gifts and prayers for her!

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27th Jan 2023

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