Show Ram He Is Not Alone

(This fundraising campaign is now closed – read how Ram has been helped)

I met Ram earlier this year in Nepal. His story of disability and rejection is one I will never forget.

When he was about 11, his father took him to Lalgadh Hospital because he’d been having difficulties with his hands and feet. When Ram was diagnosed with leprosy, his father abandoned him saying “Let him die”.

He hasn’t been able to go home since!

He has been living at Lalgadh hospital and at the attached care home which normally has only elderly residents. None of his family have ever come to visit him.

Because he was so young he struggled a bit with self-care and, just by running and playing and being a young teenager, he aggravated his foot so much that he developed a number of ulcers on his feet.

At 14 he was referred to Anandaban Hospital for these to be looked at, where it was decided that his left leg would need to be amputated. He travelled to Anandaban by ambulance alone, faced the amputation surgery alone and during his 6 month recovery, received no visitors. He then moved back to the care home at Lalgadh with a new prosthetic leg made at Anandaban.

Will you help me show him that he isn’t alone?

When I met him he was back at Anandaban, alone, having fallen and broken the already amputated leg. A plate had been inserted to heal the break and he was waiting for this to be removed and for a new prosthetic leg.

Please send your gift to help Ram to receive the care he needs both now and into the future.

God bless

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16th Jun 2017

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