The Wombles Say “Remember A Charity”

Pass on something wonderful

Now more than ever The Leprosy Mission Scotland is relying on gifts in Wills from supporters like you to help our work live on.

We know many of you have recently been reflecting on the things that matter the most – family, friends and the causes close to your heart. Many have also been reminded of the value of planning for the future in order to look after the things you care about most.

After taking care of your family and friends, even a small amount can make a huge impact. A gift in your Will could help us to make leprosy a thing of the past.

Remember A Charity Week, from 7-13th September, is the perfect opportunity to consider passing on something wonderful by leaving a gift in your Will.

This year, we’re encouraging everyone to learn more about the power of Wills through a film made with, and starring, The Wombles.

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7th Sep 2020

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