Prevention of Impairment and Deformity

Our local partner, SOLE-Angola, in association with the local church is working to reduce the incidence of leprosy and its complications, especially physical deformity across a number of provinces and municipalities. To achieve this we are supporting them to train health workers across the region to be better able to detect, diagnose and treat leprosy locally. The training also allows them to better support any patients who have already developed a disability because of their leprosy and to work with those at risk to prevent any future impairment or deformity from occurring. This prevention work extends beyond health staff to supporting people affected by leprosy to achieve better self-care, either alone or on groups where members can assist each other.

Advocacy and Health Promotion

We also support ARPAL, the Angolan Association of People Affected by Leprosy to work across about two-thirds of the whole country. By promoting the rights of people affected by leprosy, and through community education they hope to not only reduce the stigma and discrimination facing people affected by leprosy in Angola, but also to increase awareness and understanding of leprosy itself. They will encourage and enable more people to seek treatment for leprosy, especially at the early stages and therefore be cured before any long lasting effects can occur.