Leprosy Management

In south east Bangladesh we support a programme to ensure that people affected by leprosy can access quality treatment as early as possible, reducing the level of disability they could face in the future. This will be achieved both by increasing the availability and quality of treatment at both government and private health facilities and by creating a more positive environment for all people affected by leprosy through community education and mass awareness campaigns so that people will have confidence to come forward for diagnosis and treatment.

DBLM (Danish Bangladesh Leprosy Mission) Hospital

Providing specialist leprosy treatment and general medical services for people affected by leprosy and the local community, DBLM Hospital at Nilphamari is the only reconstructive surgery referral centre in Bangladesh. We support the work of the hospital to provide a full range of regular hospital activities for its patients.

Dhaka Community Based Rehabilitation

This project is funded by the Scottish Government South Asia Development Programme and will improve the quality of life of people with leprosy related disabilities and people with physical disabilities, especially women. By working through more than 150 self-help groups, members will be able to co-operate and support one another to access rights and entitlements and to raise income levels. The project will facilitate access to training and microfinance so that people with disabilities can begin to safely work their way out of poverty and access education for their children.