Anandaban Hospital

Anandaban is the central referral centre for all leprosy cases in the country. It provides free, high quality treatment for leprosy and its complications including physiotherapy, reconstructive surgery and prosthetic and orthotic devices. Patients are also trained in self-care techniques to ensure that they can live safely once they leave hospital and prevent further injuries or deterioration. The hospital runs outreach clinics into those areas of the country with the highest levels of leprosy so that people can be diagnosed as early as possible. By providing training to government dermatologists and medical officers they strengthen the ability of government hospitals to provide leprosy care.

Green Pastures Hospital

At this hospital in Pokhara we are working in partnership with International Nepal Fellowship to treat and care for people affected by leprosy. A particular focus of our support is the prevention of disability from leprosy reactions, neuritis & ulcers.